Inspirational Quote Freebie

I designed these little hand lettered inspirational quotes because I am the kind of person that needs a little reminder daily to eat healthy, work out and do those things that contribute to a healthier body.  I will go more into this topic in other posts but this one is all about YOU, that’s right you, you little cutie!

I wanted to design some quotes that have to do with inspiration, some of them don’t just apply to “eating clean/healthy” or “getting fit”.  In fact, many of them can really be used for any area in life you are trying to improve in or succeed at.  “How bad do you want it?”, this phrase is one that can be asked about anything… “How bad do you want to graduate with that degree?, “How bad do you want to quit smoking?”, “How bad do you want to be the best Mom you can be?”… you get the idea.

That is why I wanted to share these little guys so you can put it up somewhere you will see it everyday, so grab some double-sided tape or some cute washi tape and put one up, or all!  Put it on your mirror, your fridge, in your wallet, inside the visor in your car, or use as a bookmark!

This document includes 7 different hand lettered quotes on a watercolor background (pastels for spring and ‘new beginnings’).  The dimensions of each card is 2.5″ x 3.5″, the size of a wallet sized photo.  Download here on my website, print it out, cut, and display them wherever you desire!


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